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Modern Nomad- An Introduction

Hi everyone today i am gonna tell you all what a modern day nomad actually is, i hope you alll have heard about nomads, for those of you who dont know,  a nomad is a person who is continuously travelling from one place to another. The nomadic lifestyle started with a reason and the reason was shortage of food due to which they have to move from one place to another.The modern nomad(as i call it the momad) is also doing the same thing but the reason here is completely different, all the modern day nomads are travelling to explore the world. They strongly believe in these words by Saint Augustine “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”. I know most of you are not interested in reading a book so lets take it this a way “The world is a tv series and those who are not travelling have watched only a single episode”.


All our life we are taught to study, get a good degree, a job and marry someone to lead a good life and most of us are folllowing what we are taught but there are only few of us who think differently and those are the people who are called the modern nomad. They dont belive in fixed postal addresses, desk jobs, living a monotonous life. Life for them is waking up at a new bed everyday,meeting new people, exploring the unknown places and most important exploring themselves and creating something valuable out of themselves.A momad can be anyone a businessman, a photographer, someone unemployed who does not settle for a fixed lifestyle but is ready to explore every now and then. They are travellers not toursists, they visit a place to stay there for a while and walk the roads less travelled, the place less visited sit at the corners for long hours and admire the beauty of the place.

Alot of people are fascinated by this lifestyle but they are not aware of the difficult things that come with this lifestyle. Travelling continuously is not easy you face alot of difficulties both financial and emotional. Most of the time you are travelling alone you do meet alot of people but most of them are temporary they come n go and you keep movin on your way. Most of the people who choose this lifestyle are not doing jobs that make huge amount of money and even if they have such jobs they have to leave those jobs so money is also a big problem. Managing a long journey with less money can be very difficult sometimes and you have to sacrifice on a lot of things.

Carrer options

In this technology era this lifestyle can be easily adopted because there are a number of jobs around this lifestyle you can be

  • a travel consultant(who knows the places better than you),
  •  a travel blogger/vlogger (you can share your experiences with people),
  •  run your small travel agency(offering what no one else is offering),
  •  a travel photographer for a newspaper or magazine,
  • oragnizing backpacking trips

How to decide

Beforing choosing this as a lifestyle there are 5 questions that you need to answer yourself first and then decide

  1. Can you travel for a long duration without preplaning the whole trip? If yes when was the last time you did that.
  2. Can you live alone or do you know someone who can join you in this?
  3. Will you prefer a local homestay over a comfortable hotel stay?
  4. Can you get along with people?
  5. Do you have keen interest in knowing different cultures, cuisines, ideologies?

If answer to all these questions is yes then welcome to the nomad community and you dont need to live a normal life you are not made for that, even if there are one or two no’s but you believe you can do that go forward give it a try there are never sure shot ways to decide how things will happen this questions are only the basic things to decide but you are the one who will decide how things will work for you. If youhave firm belief in yourself that you can make it then no matter what you will make it.
“Remember we are momads
we dont settle for fixed lifestlye.”

About me

I am also one of you people who has the dream of travelling the whole world, but unlike most of the people i just dont want to dream but i am gonna make that happen. Whenever i read a story behind a travel blog most of them are like i left my job with this much of money in my pocket with the dream to travel the world but i dont want do repeat the same story again so i decided to write this blog early in my life(20), so that i can generate a few bucks use them to make other’s travel experience memorable and fulfill my own dream.

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