Must haves for India Travel

         What to pack for India is a question that alot of people ask me during my travel & i meet alot of people who come underprepared for India and end up suffering from various issues and the most common is the famous Delhi Belly. So here i list the essential items that you should not skip to pack in your bag         

  1. Water purifying bottle

Must have for india travel
Water purifier bottle


India is a country where finding clean drinking water is a bit of a hassle, the tap water is usually not safe to drink and the bottled water you buy can be from a cheap local brand with low quality standards or chances are that the bottle is refilled. So considering all these things first thing that I pack in my bag is a purifying bottle it not only saves you from polluted water but it also saves you a lot of money and a lot of plastic waste.

A bottled water usually costs 20 bucks (Indian) and an average person buys two of them daily so 40 bucks a day. The best purifying bottle will cost you around 1500 bucks and it will last you for 1000 litters (20*1000=20000) so you save 90% money and still you are left with a bottle whose filter is not working you can either remove the filter and donate it or you can replace the filter for 1300 and it will last you another 1000 litters. It is both safe and pocket friendly and is highly recommended. Some of the best ones with links to buy them in india.

Aquaguard   Eureka forbes

Lifestraw        Lifestraw go




If you are not carrying this and still travelling in india please buy these brands of bottled water





All these are easily available and are from big manufacturers and thus have high quality standards and check that the bottle is sealed.


  1. Wireless Earphones or EarPlugs

India is a very loud country from car horns to people everything is full on volume and this noise can become irritating sometimes so a pair of earphones or earplugs can come in handy. It will be of use when you are traveling in trains or public transport.

Check out this cheap & durable kit

  1. Universal Travel Adaptermust have for india travel

Switches in India are different than in many countries so you should carry a universal travel adapter which will help you to fit your existing chargers in indian switchboards. If you are coming from North America or a region that delivers less than 220 volts then you have to buy a indian adapter to charge your stuff because of the voltage difference or a voltage converter.


  1. Dust Mask

Dust and pollution is something you can easily come across in india especially if you are entering india via delhi so a dust mask will save you from the harmful pollution that can cause cough and throat infection which can last for your entire trip causing some discomfort. If you don’t want to use a mask carry a scarf with you and use that but don’t forget to wash it every day.


  1. Pepto Bismol

Having 2 tablets daily can save you from the famous Delhi belly (traveler’s diarrhea), this is one thing that everyone will suggest you who have experienced this in India. Read more here Delhi Belly

 must have for india travel

  1. Sunscreen

India is a tropical country where you can experience harsh sunrays even in winters so a good quality sunblock (Spf 50 or above) can protect you
from skin rash and burns. Sunscreen mixed with moisturizer can help your skin fight these harsh sunrays.


  1. Powerbank (maybe solar)

A powerbank will come in use at various point of times in your india travel.While late night train journeys where the switch is not working or you don’t have switch next to your seat, while travelling in buses. You can even go for a solar powerbank and hang it with your backpack and now those harsh sunrays will be useful to you.


  1. Book

India is not a small country area wise so you might be having long journeys and these journeys can be boring sometimes so I recommend you to carry a book or some entertainment stuff with you because the internet connection will not be stable while travelling so surfing on net will not be possible.

You can try this one- Sapiens this book tells the history of mankind and i am damn sure that after reading this you will be inspired to travel more because that was what we were actually meant for.


  1. Chain & Lock

Travelling in Indian trains has always been a different experience for different people, you don’t know what you can experience in your train journey so keeping your luggage locked under your seat is a good idea and the lock will also come handy in your hostels.


  1. Backpack

A good quality backpack is must if you are travelling for a longer period and using more of buses and trains because carrying a suitcase is not easy in these overcrowded places and there are hardly any elevators to go up & down and to change platforms.

What to pack and what not are individual preferences, these are some things that i found out based on my experiences and conversations with people.

Feel free to share something you find is missing and share it with a friend who is travelling to India.

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