The Traveler’s Guide to Jaipur

Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort

Jaipur is also called the pink city because most of the buildings in the old city were painted pink. The city is wellknown for the historical forts and palaces so the best time to visit is between November – February when the weather is a bit on the cooler side and you can easily visit the forts without feeling the harsh tropical sun.

Deciding your stay

Well I am not a big fan of staying at same place so I tried a few different hostels and I am gonna mention the best ones for you.


This was by far the best hostel in Jaipur that I could find, its located in the old city, has beautifully designed interiors and the staff is helpful. You can use this hostel when you are planning to visit the old city.


This looks more like a hotel than a hostel but the best part is it comes at the price of a hostel. It is located near the bus and the train station and you can use this one for your first or last night in the city to save yourself from the hassle of reaching your ride at time because of the traffic in the old city.

Pink Turban

This is another good hostel in city away from all the commercial stuff this one is in a housing colony so you can find your peace here, moreover this one is cheaper than the rest and can be your go to place if you are a budget traveler travelling for longer durations.

I tried one more that was the Backpackers panda and the reason I am not recommending it is because it is on one of the busiest streets of the city and you are continuously irritated by loud horns of the city traffic.


Pearl Palace- Budget Hotel

This is probably the best hotel to stay in Jaipur average room will cost you around ₹2500. It has a rooftop restaurant called peacock which is always filled with people and you need a reservation to eat there.

ITC Rajputana- Luxury hotel

This place gives you the real feeling of being a rajputana royalty, perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture this hotel has 5 places to dine & spa facility. If you have the money experience the luxury of this hotel.

Deciding what to do & what to leave

As a traveler you usually are travelling on a budget and you probably don’t want to waste your money on everything.

What to do

The three forts- Amer, Jaigarh & Nahargarh

The mistake most of the people & I too made was starting from amer, now amer is the closest one and the lowest in terms of height and you have to go up for the other two so chances are you will probably miss the other ones like I did(I missed nahargarh). So the best way is to leave early morning(8:30) hire a tuktuk that will take you to Nahargarh and then to Jaigarh it will take ₹500 (don’t give more than that) you can share your ride with someone from the hostel.


The early morning view of the city from nahargarh is beautiful, the fort opens at 9:30 and there is also a wax museum and a mirror palace near the entry.

Entry Fee

Fort                                                                 ₹50(Indian)    ₹200(Foreigner)

Wax Museum                                                                ₹350

Mirror Palace                                                               ₹350

jaipur city travel guide
A view from jaigarh fort


Take the same tuktuk to Jaigarh fort ask him to take you to Jaivana (the biggest cannon in the world) and then drop you at fort entry.

Entry Fee                                                              ₹50(Indian)                                                                                                   ₹200(Foreigner)


You can walk downhill for 20 minutes and you will reach amer and then you can visit amer fort and have your lunch at the restaurant (1135 AD) it is inside the fort and serves you in royal fashion. You can take the bus from amer back to city.

Entry Fee                                                              ₹50(Indian)    ₹200(Foreigner)

Jaipur city guide
Amber fort

Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace)

This place was built to keep the royal women secluded from general public but still they can experience the various events happening outside from the 953 small windows. You can visit this after the forts and take a nice picture from the café(Tattoo café) on the opposite side.

Jaipur city travel guide
Wind Palace

Jal Mahal (Water Palace)

This palace is inside a lake on a small lake island and is declared as a protected site which means you can’t get there but still you can enjoy the walk on the street, the evening sunset & street food.

Central Park & Albert Hall Museum

After all the travel, crowded places and city traffic you need peace and central park is one place in the city to find peace. I have been to this park alot with different people and everyone is surprised that how in the fast paced city this place is so quiet, you can carry a book sit under the shade and enjoy your evening. You can also try Tapri a restaurant nearby ill mention that below.

Albert hall is a museum near central park and is a beautiful building there is not much inside the building plus it has an entry ticket too but it looks beautiful after sunset when the lights are on so you should give it a try after an evening in central park followed by a tea in tapri.

Jaipur city travel guide
Albert Hall Museum

Pc Nerdy09


What to Leave

Now what to leave is totally upto you but ill advice you some places that you can skip

Jantar Mantar

It basically has different ancient astronomical instruments that were used back in time and the largest sundial. All these things take time & patience to understand, so if you think you have that give it a try.

Entry                                             ₹50(Indian)    ₹200(Foreigner)


City Palace

After visiting all the forts and stuff city palace will not surprise you much the best thing to see is the armoury but if you are going to Udaipur after this then drop it from your list coz the one in Udaipur is better than this one.

Entry                                             ₹200(Indian)    ₹500(Foreigner)



Places to Eat

Anokhi Café

This place serves tasty organic food ranging from salads, falafel pita to cheese cakes. Try it once you won’t regret, I am always surprised by the freshness of their veggies.


Tapri in india means a “tea stall” and this place serves a variety of teas. This is one of the new age cafes in town simple, cheap and yet stylish. I have been there a lot during my stay.

Peacock rooftop

This is the restaurant on the roof of pearl palace and is the best place in city to enjoy your indian meal. The ambience, the lighting, live music, service and most important the food everything is perfect but don’t forget to make a reservation(+911412373752) before visiting.

Tap House

This one is not popular among travellers but is a good option.


I have been to Jaipur before but was never satisfied that I could write a blog coz I like trying all the places and experience different options myself and then write about the ones I love I hope you will like this, I tried to pay attention to every detail from fares to entry ticket comment below if you find anything is missing and share it with someone who is travelling to Jaipur. Head over to instagram for all the pictures

























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